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Select Background and/or Change Affirmation

There are hundreds of backgrounds available. Since you can edit the text you can also change the affirmation.

Want to change the text? Here are some more affirmations that you might want to use:

    1. Today is going to be a great day
    2. I am grateful for all that I have
    3. I choose to be happy and to love myself today
    4. I am growing as a person everyday
    5. I am full of potential
    6. I am worthy
    7. I inspire others
    8. I am smart and intelligent
    9. I am beautiful inside and out
    10. I respect myself
    11. I love myself
    12. My dreams are achievable
    13. I am confident and outgoing
    14. I am capable of amazing things
    15. I’m amazing
    16. I have the power to make an impact
    17. I am brave
    18. I am good at what I do
    19. I am worthy of genuine love
    20. I have the power to accomplish anything
    21. I am proud of myself
    22. I deserve the best
    23. I love my body
    24. I am exactly where I need to be
    25. I believe in myself
    26. I was created for greatness
    27. I will not settle for less than I deserve
    28. I will be present in every moment
    29. I take care of myself
    30. I can excel in everything I do
    31. I choose to release the past
    32. I focus only on what I can change
    33. I get better every single day
    34. I matter
    35. I am strong
    36. I add something special to this world
    37. I have the power to change my life
    38. I can overcome any challenge
    39. I am safe and secure
    40. I deserve to love and be loved
    41. All of my problems have solutions
    42. My past has shaped me into an amazing person
    43. I am fearless
    44. I choose what I become
    45. I choose happiness
    46. I am free of self-doubt
    47. I can do this
    48. I stand up for myself
    49. I nourish my body
    50. I make time to care for myself and I prioritize myself

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